With every week new Android phones are entering the market and this has led to its amazing success. Android OS has already become the Second most used Mobile Operating System after Nokia’s Symbian. It has started becoming very difficult to keep pace with the Growing market and latest phone launches in the industry.

1. LG Optimus one ( Rs. 12,300)

LG Optimus One is a mid-range Android phone and you can’t really expect it to be having a host of features. It has Android 2.2 Froyo OS and will be updated to Gingerbread 2.3.
It boasts a 3MP camera and 150 MB of Internal memory with microSD card support. 1500 mAh Battery is a really good addition.
If you want to experience some Android magic and are NOT on a very high budget, this is the one!

2. Samsung I9000 Galaxy S ( Rs. 28,000)

With its successor Nexus S still in the boxes, this is yet the most successful as well as the most powerful phone in the Indian Market.
Samsung Galaxy S I9000 is about 9.9mm thin and runs on the Android platform 2.2 and equipped with a 1 GHz processor.
This phone also has a Super AMOLED display of 4 inches, 5-megapixel camera with auto-focus and 720p video recording capability with a frame rate of 30 fps.
If you are a speed hawk and have money to shell out then you must go for this!

3. HTC Desire ( Rs. 27,900)

HTC Desire may not be the best Android device available worldwide right now, but it was certainly a boon for Indian Android fans. With Google ditching India for Nexus One, HTC Desire certainly filled that void.
Talking about this Android 2.1 powered smartphone, it comes with a 3.7-inch SLCD display, powerful 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 576 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM, 4 GB SD Card in-the-box with 32 GB total support and 5 MP Camera with LED Flash. It sports HTC’s very own Sense UI which is pretty good to work with.
The HTC Desire just doesn’t get to the marks set by the Galaxy S. With a price tag somewhat equivalent to that of Galaxy S, I think you should get it only if you are a beloved lover of the HTC Sense.

4. Motorola Milestone XT720 ( Rs. 24,300)

The Motorola Milestone XT720 has the specifications of Android 2.1 OS, an 8-megapixel camera with Xenon flash, 720p video recording, 3.7-inch Display.
Though many  Smartphone pundits say this is just the Milestone without a QWERTY keyboard, it also features something which may appeal to a person looking for a high-end Android device, like an 8MP camera, a large touch screen, and a 1GHZ processor.
This Smartphone doesn’t seem to stand the competition of the Galaxy S or the iPhone. Personally, I think the only great feature of this phone is the 8MP camera.

5. Samsung Galaxy 3 ( Rs. 11,750)

If you are a budget customer, then Samsung Galaxy 3 is a good choice. Samsung Galaxy 3 is a device which comes under Galaxy series by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy 3 has very outstanding features at an affordable price.
Samsung Galaxy 3 has Android 2.1 (2.2 upgrades), Quad-band GSM/3G HSDPA, 667 MHz processor, 3.2 inch TFT touchscreen, 16M colors display with screen resolutions of 240×400 pixels. Its has a 3 MP camera equipped with zoom and auto-focus.
In comparison to LG Optimus One, this has a weaker processor, RAM, and OS. In my opinion, you should rather go for the LG Optimus One!