Delhi Is The Worlds Worst City For Parking

The city’s parking woes are now global news. A survey of 20 big cities across the world has found Delhi to be the worst in terms of parking pain. The parking index, formulated by multinational firm IBM, was based on people’s responses to the time taken looking for a parking slot, inability to find a parking space, disagreement over parking spots, receiving a ticket for illegal parking and number of parking tickets received.

It placed New Delhi at the top position with a score of 140, with another Indian city, Bangalore, is close behind in second place. These were the only two Indian cities in the list of 20. With New Delhi striving hard to gain a world-class city tag, the survey said inefficient parking systems is a major setback to the city’s productivity and can directly lead to inefficient services.

 The worst city tag for Delhi is not only a reflection of the scarcity of parking slots but also of commuter behavior. The survey found Delhi drivers among the most quarrelsome over parking spaces. Globally, one in four (27%) of commuters reported being involved in an argument with a fellow driver over parking space in the past year. In Delhi, as many as 58% admitted to having got into fights over parking.

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